The Cycle of Life

If life is a repeated cycle, what makes every day a new day? 

     Life is a cycle… but to an extent. There are numerous things to consider. Sure, you wake up, go to school, eat, do homework, etc… but there’s more to life than that. It’s those little actions and different emotions you experience every day that makes it a little different. Life emphasizes suspense and fun. In general, you don’t know what you want to do today, or what you will do tomorrow. But, we will never be able to predict what may happen; it’s about your decision to how you react and the freedom of not having a goal.

     When you get out of bed you think; what’s next? You are able to decide what you want to do and how you want to view it. Choose these adjectives: good, bad, tiring, exciting… however you want to view the day, will reflect on what you chose to do. Throughout the course of finding enlightenment in life, Siddhartha encounters many self-made sacrifices. Although troubles may strike, it’s in your hands to how you react to it. Juliane Koepcke shares her experience after a plane crash in an isolated rainforest. She strongly exemplifies how, when life throws things at you, it’s your choice to how you want to respond. Even when facing starvation, isolation, and maggots infestation, her mindset and drive are what kept her alive.

When there is a mistake, it is the artist’s first instinct to fix it. But rather than removing it completely, the artist uses the mistake to create something even bigger…

Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Often, many people doubt themselves when they don’t have their life planned out. It’s clearer in today’s society as there’s a call for higher competition. There’s a necessity to get into the best colleges, to get into the best jobs, and to have a successful life. Many tend to compare their life to others. They see how planned out someone’s life is and feel the need to map out everything they want to do in their own life. Siddhartha did not have his life planned out at all. He faced many difficulties along the way and things that he hoped for didn’t come out as expected. He didn’t have a specific goal but instead sought for years and things that were distant from him became clearer. Many people believe that you should follow the “system” and that there’s a right answer to every decision you make. But life should not be filled with restrictions and expectations but instead freedom; not knowing what you will do, and living freely.

 “Seeking means: to have a goal; but finding means: to be free, to be receptive, to have no goal.” (Siddhartha, Hermann Heese)

A blank canvas turned into a masterpiece without a plan. You don’t actually know what your canvas will look like but move your paintbrush freely without a sketch holding you back.

Photo Courtesy by Daian Gan on

2 thoughts on “The Cycle of Life

  1. The link you formed between your ideas of freedom and embracing mistakes to creating art were very unique and interesting. The first image is a fascinating example of the idea of choosing how to respond to life rather than feeling restricted to a “correct” way of doing things. Do you create art in your free time? If so then in what forms?


  2. I love how you incorporated each piece of evidence, the transitions are so smooth and the pictures are great examples of that! The writing flows and each caption, especially the art one, utilizes important themes.


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