Nothing flows twice in the same river, so is the river a symbolism, supposedly taking away problems and accomplishing goals?

The whimsical being. Oh, how it is always dancing, never staying still. It’s impossible seeing it out of motion, nurturing life in so many ways. If disturbed, it won’t hold back, lashing out with roars and crashes. It would leave you in denial that it is the same being. The nostalgic feeling comes back to you, like an unforeseen kiss. The being clings onto you like a child. But as time passes, you see it grow up and leave you. But to them, it is a motherly type of love you shared, and they will always come back to you. 

Work could be a stern definition of life, if you can’t contribute to the world, what is your purpose? Or maybe some were just blessed with riches or worth and don’t have to fear or know how to fear, but what makes them better than the lower class? Where does worry start from, at what age, and what can trigger it? It could vary in an individual, what is expected from them and what they should expect. Let’s take it back to the olden days, you look at the world as a blank canvas, even if you mess up a stroke, it can still turn out pretty, right? Some people might tell you you’re wrong, but why does a mistake outweigh the “good”? Is it to help cope with the fragile self-image of yourself, self-improvement? But whose judgment determines how well you can succeed in life, God? Whoever you think is the center of your life, do they want you to prioritize yourself or plummet for someone else’s demands? The beggars are labeled as selfish, and the prideful are labeled as bratty. But why do we care so much about judging others and not ourselves? The common person can achieve the uncertainty and not become a blood-thirsty monster or an invalidator.

Let’s start off with the most essential question. What are people good at? Play. You have been learning it ever since you were young. The act of leisurely doing an action or actions to put us at peace or hyper us. It can be done alone or with others. Play happens all around you, it’s like experimenting, maybe take a different route than usual or go into a store that intrigues you. You do not need to fully commit to one topic, you can accidentally make discoveries and share with others. But some people might say it is foolish to do these things, it has no benefits to your economics or it could distract you from work. That might be true in some circumstances but it can lead to a boost in creativity and it can become work like many small businesses, helping people learn how to market and make a profit. It can also help spread awareness like donating profit to others in need or including other minorities like the LGBTQ+ in a significant way to make them feel equal like creating products directed towards them. 

Play can also help with some issues in society. Mental health is definitely one of society’s most common issues at this moment. Play stimulates dopamine production and can help with motivation, productivity, and a better mindset. This can be helpful to you in school or in your workplace. You do not need to be extravagant and have to find something new to do every day, or if it’s your preference go for it. Researching one topic can lead to branching out like making new friends or making goals to achieve. It takes the whole body in order to play, and you don’t need a particular reason to go play, it could just be to get you refocused or you need a mental break. Applying these daily techniques can improve your life, even some might ridicule that all of this is unnecessary, but so much research has been done about how play is important and has benefits. And if you don’t know where to start or don’t think it can be applied, you can always adjust your routine to as much or as little as you want, this is only desired for your own benefit.

Like humans, getting lost along the way is a part of life, but no way is the wrong way unless it is against the law for obvious reasons. Knowing how to cope with unknown feelings can make you feel very lonely and society influences you to suppress them or no one really grasped the idea of balancing leisure and work. You do not need to be ashamed of how much progress you have made compared to another, as long as you feel validated that you have impacted the world whether through friends or coworkers while making time for yourself, it can feel very rewarding.

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