What is the best way to learn about life?

No matter how old we get, we will always have curiosities about the world that’s what makes us human. As a child, we seem to have an endless amount of questions that no adult can fully answer. Through time, the complexity of these questions grows, the answers even more difficult to find. While many of our questions may remain unanswered, they help us better understand the world around us. It’s human instinct to want to learn, without that drive we wouldn’t be able to survive in the world we live in today. There are many ways to learn about life and its complicated ways, but which one is the best? 

“Why is the sky blue?” “It’s blue because light bounces around and it enters our eyes when we look up”. Those around younger children are forced to endure a continuous stream of questions that even they might know the answer to. Adults have lived life before these children were born so it’s only natural that they understand certain things about the world that they don’t. Passing knowledge from older to younger generations is something we as humans have been doing since ancient times. It’s also instinctive to skew a little of the truth from a child, we do this to protect them from the harsh realities of the world. Little by little they are built up to be able to handle what the world is truly like. Children take everything someone older than them says as the truth because what else do they have to go off? Adults are used as a crutch until we are ready to learn about the world for ourselves.

Teenagers are at an awkward phase where not only do they want to better understand the world, but they also want to learn about themselves. Being a teenager is hard no matter what generation you are born in. This age is a time when a lot of doubt enters your mind, you don’t have as much trust in the people that were once your crutch. You try to simplify things to a point where you can understand, you start making connections. Oftentimes at this age we will connect things that we see in life to things we see in movies or books. The movies and books you immerse yourself in become more mature covering topics that are more sensitive. Movies and books, while sometimes unrealistic, give a little insight into things that we have yet to experience. They help us understand things that might be too uncomfortable to talk to another person about. Today’s books and movies do a great job of talking about important issues that a lot of teens today can relate to. It’s almost like they give us little heads up or tips on how to cope in different situations. 

While there are many ways to learn about life, the hardest and most effective has to be simply living through it. When you are younger you learn through other people and things, but when you grow up it’s time to learn about the world through your own eyes. It seems like such an easy thought, despite this it proves to be very difficult. Life is full of endless obstacles that never seem to go away, it makes us struggle and wish for an easier way. Learning and life go hand and hand, in order to learn you have to struggle. If you don’t struggle when you learn then what’s the point? The point is to experience new things, it’s not to do simple things that you already know how to do because they are easy. There are a lot of reasons why learning through life is the best method of learning. There isn’t any predetermined bias that you might get if someone else told you something, you get to experience things first hand yourself and formulate your own thoughts on the situation. You also gain a lot of wisdom, wisdom is not something that can be taught, it’s something that you gain as you go through life. 

Learning is an endless cycle of life. As we pass down knowledge we also gain it. From birth to death we learn. There’s never a point where you can say “I know everything there is to know about life”. There is still so much we don’t know today despite the many innovations we have, the world is far too vast to truly understand all its mysteries. We will never stop learning, it’s just a matter of how you choose to learn. 

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