Man Born to Evil

Why is there evil on this earth if we were all born as innocent children?

In modern society we out our violence in evil ways, other than the methods of what we did in the past to inflict harm on others. As more laws that govern and control us dominant society to try to rid us of base evil. Our ancestors have been so intertwined with this cruelty of nature for so long it became a very part of our being. Making us all want to act evil, but each of us must learn to control it. However, this may lead to a more incentive society like ours today. Our definition of evil itself is heavily varied but we all know in our hearts where it lurks. A human is the cruelest animal as we fully understand the ethics and morals behind what we do and still choose to do it. I say that is what evilness is, knowingly committing terrible acts with intent or disregard in the pain it will cause. However, we can’t abandon knowledge or we will all die. So as a society we must keep passing it along for the next generation to suffer. A child for example is not evil though, as they do not fully understand what they are doing. One day they surely will learn and will most likely continue the cycle. Even people with mental conditions fall under this category, they are not evil, but a part of it. As they cannot consciously control what their urges send them to do.

It was not always this way for us humans, once apes had only eaten berries and other herbal plants once. We had no knowledge of murder only the quest for survival.  Mother nature was our first teacher, she taught us the brutality of life. How animals would kill each other for meat, and how easily death comes. A lesson we passed down for thousands of years. In that teaching is where we learned to act the same way as mother nature, evil. We had to kill as an animal does, to benefit ourselves, and the murder wasn’t nescisarly true death but it was our humanity. Societies only expanded on that, by making things like greed arrive to further the pain of the world. All of what the seven deadly sins describe is what evilness is. The lessons of mother nature can never be untaught, only added to the fact that we can only grow eviler as the years pass by. Like a carpet stained blood-red never to be pure again. Evilness has tainted our society, and it will always be passed down to the helm of the future.

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