Is Simplicity Beneficial?

Simplicity. The word seems easy to understand but what is it really? Does everyone have a different standard for simplicity? Should we live a simple life? These are all questions that I have been pondering over, but is there really a simple answer to these questions?

Sometimes I feel as if people are living like robots. They try to calculate every little nuance that they possibly can, and just live based on that information. What if instead of trying to calculate every little nuance we just looked at life as a whole? When we are in a predicament, we tend to try to weigh out all the pros and cons. Sometimes we forget what really matters to us when doing this. Instead, what if we just take a step back and remember our morals and values. I think everyone was given a certain set of morals and values, and it is not right to just toss away these things just because another option has more benefits. Take “play” for example. Most children have much more time to play than teenagers and adults. During this time of play children learn many of the necessary skills needed for adulthood. Simply playing is more effective at teaching children skills needed for adulthood than school. School is filled with rules and regulations and is expected to be the best way of teaching, yet it still falls short in teaching when compared to play. I think the simplicity of play helps children develop skills rather than force them into a confined way of living. Now yes, from time to time, even when we simplify things and rely on our morals and values we may still end up not succeeding or making the right decisions. But we have to remember that some things are out of our control. We can control our own thoughts and decisions, but we cannot control the outside world. We must remember this and not get upset at things that are just out of our control, as we can do nothing to change them.

Life should not be something that is constantly calculated and memorized. Instead we should remember our morals and values, and incorporate them into everyday life. 

One thought on “Simplicity

  1. I really enjoyed the rhetorical questions in this writing because it gives me an introspection on how life should be lived out. Since simplicity is the way to go for me, I also agree that it allows for unrestrained development. I’m curious, what type of morals and values are most important to you?


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