Oh to Be a Child

The graphic novel, They Called Us Enemy, by George Takei, Steven Scott, and Justin Eisinger is about George’s experience in the WWII Japanese internment camps as a little kid. It is a wonderful read and has so many important themes and ideas on top of a moving story. One of its themes is childhood innocence. This theme really stood out to me. My next four comic pages are based on childhood innocence. Each page uses a different comic writing technique to tell a different story.


This is a comic about birth from the baby’s perspective. The technique used is a no picture comic. Only words in this one.

Baby Cycle

This comic is about the life of a baby: eat, sleep, then sit there and do not much more than cry or entertain themselves. Then repeat. The technique used in this comic is where each panel has exactly 8 lines.


This comic page is about some toys for babies and toddlers. The technique used in this page is taking one image and drawing it multiple times, but each drawing you have different amounts of time to draw it.


This comic is a toddler in a park with their parents asking their parents question after question about this strange big world. The technique used in this comic is Real Grid to Comic Book Page. A real picture is taken. The grid in that picture is then used as the layout for a comic page.

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