The Gateway To A Better Tomorrow

Choice #2: Create a book page

Teenagers often question why history is such an important topic, one that we are taught throughout the majority of our education. They wrongly assume that since history was in the past, it signifies that it doesn’t affect us. However, this is not the case. Learning from the past holds the key to a more progressive future. By educating ourselves on previously made mistakes and deeply analyzing history, we can identify how history repeats itself, providing us with a clearer perspective for future problems.

Education takes up a large portion of our lives. Children are told to attend school for a minimum of 12 years. Therefore, it’s safe to say that our teachers have a great influence on us. By educating us on past events, teachers shape the future generation into great leaders, ones that make their impact on preventing history from repeating its past mistakes, and the world gets one step closer to a better future.

Learning about the past through our history classes allows us to have a greater understanding of how the world works. We are able to continue our learning at home through watching videos and reading books. The book They Called Us Enemy by George Takei examines the themes of racial discrimination, patriotism, and family. It tells the story of the Japanese internment camps during World War ll through a comic style book.

The comic page I made shows the steps to learning from the past. It shows that even as teenagers, we can have a great impact on how the future plays out. We all have a role in society and it’s our choice to make an impact on the future we want to have.

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