Remembering the Experiences from Where and Who We Started off With.

We grow up with different experiences that help us improve as a person. We can also share the experiment with other people to get a sense of what is good or bad. Adults have a significant impact on us because they are the ones we go to when we don’t know something or when we need to find out how to do something. However, it really depends on if our parents know what it is and how to do it. The experience involves participating in it and then making sure that you’ve got the steps down to complete that to call it an experience. These experiences can also impact a child’s future a lot if they keep on creating a new experience with improvements from time to time. Experiences can also impact someone’s feelings on something depending on whether it’s a good experience or not so good experience. When we are told something we believe it first off and don’t question it until we actually experience it and then change our minds if needed.

In the book, “They Called Us Enemy”, at the end of the book, they had a strip of the comic that basically shows us that the experience that George’s father had in America impacted George’s beliefs in political, racial, and life topics in the real world. George wanted to respect his father and give thanks to him for teaching him those things to be the man he is today. George believes that his father had the most impact on his life and is the main reason why he has the success he has as of now.

My comic is also about a kid growing up with a really good dad who knew how to cook and when he experienced the different foods, he wanted to also make those too. As time passes by, the kid is now grown and runs his own restaurant that makes the best of the best food. The kid is now a chef and famous all around the world. Then, the kid always remembered to visit his dad to give him thanks for teaching him the different flavors that he had on his tongue to make different tastes that helped him with his success.

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