Does It Really Matter

A new school year is starting, you are constantly meeting new people and creating an image of yourself either bad or good for people. You’re barely getting sleep trying to maintain a perfect report card to make your parents happy or make it to your dream college. In the end, does it really matter?

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.
-Steve Jobs

Constantly doing school work working to a goal that isn’t even made up yet. You’re just doing boring assignments that you will forget within a few months. Why can’t you do the things that you like doing? For what reason you need work to a career path that you don’t even enjoy, but your parents force you to go through. 31% of undergraduates drop out before they even get their career because they didn’t like their major, school didn’t align with their life, and financial problems.

Why do I need to work so hard for something that I have no motivation for? Why can’t I just do the things that I enjoy and have a motive for? School is boring, looking at a whiteboard or a screen for an hour than going to another classroom and doing the same thing for 8 hours 5 days straight. Within a few weeks I start getting burnt out. A way that I can keep myself going is by complaining to my friends about my homework and school. I don’t need to care what others think about me when I am with my friends. Once I am home, I like doing my homework with my dog next to me.

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