Escape from Reality

Imagine trying to explain to someone who’s never heard of electronics or video games, how such a little tiny box can get you through school, problems at home, and everything else in life. Whether it’s coming home from a long, tiring day of school or an exhausting practice, it gives you a way to just relax and have fun. If you’re struggling to get through your homework or do something else you don’t want to do, playing video games allows you to clear your brain and reset and just take a break from the stress of school. Imagine trying to explain how this tiny little box and these things that go on your head and over your ears let you connect with all of your friends and spend time with them even while you´re stuck inside your house. Imagine trying to explain to someone that this headset and microphone give you a way to connect with new people and make new friends just because you guys decided that you liked the same video game. It would be so difficult for someone to fully understand the way it can change your life and how this little device can give someone so much happiness. But changing my life is exactly what it does. When I’m stressing over the test I have the next day or the homework I have to do right now, it gives me an escape from the real world and lets me do anything I can imagine. Whether that’s being a professional NBA player or a person made of blocks looking for diamonds, it doesn’t matter. On the contrary, if I’m feeling antisocial or too exhausted to talk to other people, I can just play alone while watching TV. Unlike some other things, I never get bored of video games because of the crazy variety that comes with it, whether it’s switching games from a sports game to an FPS game, talking to my friends about what happened at school while playing together, or even switching consoles from PS5 to PC to my phone. No matter what I’m playing or how I’m playing, video games still get me through the day, every day.

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