Time is Temporary

We have all been through the quarantine phase during the years of 2020-2021 when COVID-19 first began. It was a struggle to get through it, but look where not just me, but many others are now; Healthy, happy, and alive. During quarantine, we all had a specific struggle, whether it being watching Netflix and binge-eating in bed all day, or having a rough time getting through the day because you’re stuck in the house. What motivated me to get through that was friends. Friends who were there for me when times were rough, or when I needed a laugh. If I could choose to keep one thing in my life, it would be my friends.

It became a repetitive routine in my life because I wasn’t allowed to leave the house. Personally, I was the person who stayed up watching Netflix every single day. I especially loved watching K-Drama (Korean drama).I felt like I was in a loop of time because my days went the same. My energy was being drained as the days went on and I felt lonely. I was alone and unhappy, but it was all just a phase in my life out of many, many phases. I did many things to break the repetitive routine of watching Netflix. At first, my sister and I started learning how to bake and cook. We cooked many types of pasta (fettuccine Alfredo) and baked many goods such as chocolate chip cookies, red velvet cupcakes, cheesecake bites, and many more. Although we spent a lot of time baking and cooking, it was just another phase and I slowly spun back into the repetitive routine of staying in bed all day, which affected my health, physically and mentally. So, of course, I tried more things to do. I started playing video games, which I still do till this day. I could communicate with friends and felt happier than I had in a long time. I would play from day till night, which stopped me from watching Netflix as much, but I felt as if I replaced Netflix with video games, staying up till early mornings.

When quarantine soon settled down and lockdown was recommended but not necessary anymore, people were able to go outside and explore what they’ve missed since being in lockdown. Unfortunately, COVID-19 was still ongoing and was dangerous to go outside. After 2-3 months passed of online school and COVID-19 cases had a lower number than before, my middle school allowed us to do hybrid classes and of course, masks were required. So, I decided to let go of what was holding me back. I began to make new friends at school and reconnected with old ones. I gained the friendships I needed and wanted. My friends and I all reconnected with each other and we all gained a little more love in our hearts. Hanging out with friends was the best because we could finally go where we wanted to. My friends and I went to Disneyland, explored the views, and had fun. I became healthy and happy.

Everything is temporary when you give it enough time. Quarantine was temporary, binge-watching Netflix was temporary. Friends are also temporary, but as you let go of one, another will enter your life, bringing the energy and companionship that makes you, you. Letting go is not something you should be afraid of. Enjoy living your life while it lasts. I love and thank every single one of my friends for making me the person I am today and for helping me.

“Every situation in life is temporary. So, when life is good, make sure you enjoy it and receive it fully. And when life is not so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way.”

– Jenni Young

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