Escaping the Present

No one likes having a stressful day during games or practices. Whether we win or lose the match, we all go back home and try to leave it behind to do better the next day. Still, attempting to forget about your mistakes just doesn’t work.

From the coaches and sidelines telling you what to fix during game point and the crowds shouting, the pressure gets pretty extreme. While you’re on that court nothing else matters, but the moment you step off everything pours back onto you. All of your mistakes, what you could’ve done better, and if making that one mistake was what cost you and your team the game. Going home, that’s just a little hard to leave behind you know.

Most people can argue that sports are a way to take a break from schoolwork and the world around you to get your stress out. Occasionally, it does the opposite. Trying to balance school, sports, and other extracurriculars creates a busy schedule. An athlete’s day can start at different times depending on the sport they play and if they have an early morning practice before school. Then, their day continues with a 6-hour school day on average, and a practice or game right after. This typical schedule gives an athlete minimum time to do their homework and it’s hard to get the recommended amount of sleep. This makes time the enemy of student-athletes. When answering the question “Why are you struggling?”, people love to respond with, “You should’ve learned to manage your time better”, or “You’re an athlete, you should’ve expected this”. What troubles me is how students are supposed to know these methods when they are still growing and learning at their own pace.

However, the reason I can overcome this mental and physical problem is by distracting myself with the things I love.

When I arrive home, I’m usually really hungry. Why not eat comforting food to make myself relax and feel better. For me, that comfort food is a brand of ramen called Buldak. It doesn’t require many steps to make so it’s fairly easy. Another thing I like doing to distract myself is by watching an action movie/show. Entertaining events are constantly happening which captivates you and directs your attention elsewhere. A few of my favorite examples are Top Gun and Jurassic World.

Resetting your mind and body will help you come back the next day greater, stronger, and better. Continue working harder and you’ll find your place, trust me.

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