Feeling The Best By Being Unstressed

Most people revolve their entire lives in the school environment for a third of their lifetime. The sound of my alarm clock ringing, the aromatic scent of eggs and bacon, and the car leaving the paved driveway happening repeatedly are a part of my daily routine. I am in school for 7 and a half hours with 7 periods, 6 which are courses and 1 which is my sport, tennis.

“Where words fail, music speaks”

Hans Christian Andersen

This quote best explains how music has a strong message that can be conveyed which words can not describe.

Music, friends, and technology all flow through the basis of the community in the school. Everyone minds their own business, helps each other out and cares for one another which really shows how supportive FVHS is. Even though I sometimes feel frustrated and upset with a homework assignment or studying for a big test, I try to make the best of it and there are people to help me. At every open opportunity a roadblock obstructs my journey and path to success, and each time the barrier closes, it shadows my stamina to continue on. My classmates and I endure the long hours of staring at a textbook or confusingly gazing at the static unsolved math problem, similarly to an open opportunity hindered by a blockade. Emerging from these shadows of stress and anxiety are passionate hobbies and my friends/family is what I appreciate the most.

I enjoy listening to hip hop songs and pop songs like one of my favorite songs “Are You Bored Yet” by Wallows which always cheers me up.

A casual conversation with my family members fills my day with brightness and gives me encouragement to persevere. Discord calls with my insane friends yelling and screaming giving me many chuckles. A good show or anime that drags me from the world of reality into fantasy often makes me realize I am grateful to be in school fueling my urge to learn. I use my computer quite frequently to play games like Minecraft and for entertainment purposes like watching Youtube or Disney+. I also enjoy taking naps to rejuvenate my energy and to make me feel more relaxed than before. I also appreciate my mom’s cooking which gets me excited every day to eat things I haven’t tried before.

These get me through my day the most no matter how good or bad my day will turn out and perhaps you might find it easier to feel unstressed from school or a stressful environment besides school.

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