Everyone needs a Pillow

After a long day at school, I come home and throw my backpack on the floor and get to work right away. I have many chores to help out my parents with since they are both busy people. My sister is working hard to become a teacher so a lot of the things that she used to do now fall on me to help my parents with. After all of this is done I then have to complete my homework which can sometimes take very long if I have trouble focusing. One of the big ways I survived my environment last year

was using games as a way to have fun and cool off. However, this year I am challenging myself to take some harder classes and extra after-school activities which means that I do not have as much free time as last year. The new schedule at my school does not help either. I am still sleeping the same amount, but now I leave school later than before. By the end of the day, I normally have 1 or 2 hours of free time to myself, but usually, a lot of this is wasted when I occasionally fall into the Tik Tok rabbit hole.

After a day of work is finished I finally get to lay down on my own piece of heaven. I turn off the lights and let myself fall into the darkness. I fluff up my pillow and cozy up under the blanket. Responsibilities are forgotten and my worries are left for the future to worry about. These moments are crucial to me because it makes my life so much more enjoyable, but what comes next is the most important. When I sleep I tend to have great dreams.

I imagine things like getting my dream job or having an infinite supply of delicious food. These brief images of my goals being achieved appearing in my head allowed me to have hope. Sleeping not only provides relief from the stress of the world but gives you a chance to dream big. Without goals or dreams, I would not be able to survive in my environment.

P.S something I often use to help myself fall asleep is playing an audio from an app called Headspace. It used to be free, but costs money now so I just search up the videos on Youtube.

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