How Music Saved Me

The most challenging thing that us teenagers are facing is having the motivation or inspiration to make it through the day. Personally for me ever since Covid-19 hit it has especially been a struggle to be able to stay on task and motivated throughout the day. I went through times where I have felt just tired and drained all day. It reached to a point where I had no motivation to do anything and I dreaded to get out of bed every morning, but soon I discovered the beautiful world of music.

It may seem dramatic or overboard, but music has saved me. There has not been a day ever since December 2020 where I have not listened to music. Whether I need to be on task or just relax and escape from reality, music is my number one choice of a coping method and also has been the most effective.

Music is always incorporated into my daily life. For example at school, I always have music in to be able to stay on task…though some teachers might not agree I feel as though having Airpods in helps me be more focused than unfocused. At school I usually listen to more upbeat and happy music to help me stay awake and more chill music when I want to wind down and relax from a long day. This has currently been my favorite song to listen to at school.

Just listening to music has got me through so many physical obstacles in life, but also mental obstacles. If music was able to do so much for me and get me out of the slump I was in I hope that it could do the same for you.

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