Dealing with everyday life

School is difficult for everyone, whether it is geometry or biology. People struggle with certain things in school, and that is okay. Everyone will get better the longer they do what is hard for them. But somehow and some way people get through the rough times. Surviving and going on to the next day.

The way that I survive is my friends. My friends are fun, keep things exciting, and there is never a dull moment with them. Usually since we don’t have much time after school, we play video games. Typically I play with two of my friends. Playing the game Apex Legends for the most part. We play together for at least two hours everyday. Which really boosts my mood. Especially after a day of school that could potentially be very boring or very long. Me and another one of my friends play on Xbox, while the other person plays on a computer.

Another way that I am able to survive is by watching a show. On either the television or on my phone, I will watch things that interest me. This keeps my mind from not overloading and just wanting to do nothing for the entire day. Being completely unproductive and lazy for an entire day is especially bad when I have homework every single day. So I take breaks in between my assignments to relax and keep myself in a mood where I am able to do everything that I need to do. For me, I really like the show on Netflix called stranger things. I like shows that have intense scenes. Plus I love when characters goof off in a serious show when nothing else is happening.

Stranger things logo

One final way that I survive my surroundings and environment, is after a long day, just go into my room and lay on my bed for awhile. It may seem like a waste of time, but trust me just sitting, or laying down in your own room is great to do once in a while. Just relaxing and thinking about what is currently happening in your own life is a great way to refresh yourself after a long day. Plus it is also a good way to reflect on choices that you have made on the same or previous days.

A nice bed, that could be yours.

All of the things help me get through the rougher times of life. Such as a big test is coming up or something as simple as having a bunch of homework. Doing things that are fun, and sitting down and thinking about things helps a lot. It helps me destress and move on to the next day easier. Which is a big help when high school is five days a week. I suggest these things to anyone who needs to relax after a long day at school.

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