Getting through the Mediocre part of Life

Getting through life, something we all must do. Everyone has to deal with the struggle of life but what sets us apart is what we do to get through it. Some find peace in cooking, some find it with animals, and some get through their day by sleeping. This is what I do.

Sleeping after reading an excellent book
*sadly not getting paid to promote this*

Sleeping, or just lying down for a while

Sleeping in my opinion is an excellent way to get through life. Are you tired after a hard day? Are your muscles in pain? Are you stressed out and too many things are on your mind?
Getting some sleep can be the answer. After a good night’s rest, your physical pain will go away, If it doesn’t then you’re probably sore, good luck with that. After that rest you’ll have a clearer mind, you can use this to slowly start understanding and overcoming what stressed you out yesterday because today is another day.

Sleeping is good but I believe that lying in bed is the best way to get through life. Just lie down on your bed or something comfortable and quiet, maybe put on some relaxing music. Just lie there, your only train of thought should be how comfortable you are. Try not to think about everything in life, just lie there, in the moment. Once I feel comfortable, I start to think about one thing at a time. About how much homework I need to finish by today, the test that’s coming up, why Spanish is just another history class, and how you don’t care about the history and all you need to know is what the Romans did. I just face them one by one.

Sometimes when I’m still not ready to think about life. I just started reading a book. A good book can take you into its world, away from all your problems. When you are overwhelmed in your life, taking a vacation in a book can be just what you need, maybe you’ll even learn how to overcome your problem in the book.

“Sometimes I forget myself in a book. And when I have to stop reading it takes me a minute to remember where I am. Or who I am.” – anonymous.

Some music to relax you on your journey to surpass the mediocrity in what we call life.

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