Live, Laugh, Love, Music

We all have lives. We have school, sports, extra curriculars, responsibilities at home, religion, and many, many more responsibilities. For a lot of us, the stress piles up and sometimes it crashes. And some parents, like mine don’t help at all. And sometimes we have the thoughts of our future. The future is uncertain, and a lot of variables and events can drastically affect where we go and how we turn out.

“Am I going to be able to get into X University?”

“Will I be successful?”

“Am I going to get kicked out and end up on the streets if I don’t impress my parents?”

Around the beginning of 2022 is when I realized, that it doesn’t matter how much I try, I can never get a guarantee spot into the future and life that I want. I could be walking and get hit by a car. I could get a life threatening disease. I could trip and end up with a serious brain injury. Whatever it is, I’ve decided to tolerate the uncertainty of the future, and pushed back the words said from my dad and family. I still study for tests and try, but if I get a bad grade, it is what it is, I tried the best I could. It’s not worth crying over it.

One thing that helps me get through the stress of school and life is music. I am constantly listening to music, whenever I can. When I wake up, eat breakfast, on the drive to school, during passing periods, in class during freetime, while doing homework, while working out, while eating, and while sleeping I listen to music. Music is apart of my daily life and I can’t live without it. While taking tests or quizzes, I bounce my feet to try to reduce anxiety and stress, and since I can’t listen to music I’ll bounce my feet to the beat of the last song that I listened to. Music helps me focus and it can give me energy. When doing heavy triples at the gym, I will blast my music so loud I’d probably go deaf but it gives me the adrenaline to push out another rep. And after I put down the weight I have a smile in my face that I was able to put in one more rep.

I couldn’t live just by myself. That’s why listening to music is an amazing activity that you should incorporate into your life. And with the addition of some friends and family, it makes life a lot more peaceful and fun.

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