Happiness Protects

Day by day I march through the treacherous journey that is high school, life at home making it easier one day, harder the next. Attempting to sprint through the fight of stress and anxiety, there are things that catch my eye, forcing me to slow my pace and calm my mind. Despite adding an extra layer of tension to my battle, soccer is an amazing outlet for me. I have played soccer for 11 years and it continuously takes my mind off the outside world. Having club practice four times a week along with high school practice is a blessing and a curse, pressure to be the best building up as I do what I love most. Coming home from said practice, pressure can be released as I dance alone in my room to songs I’ve heard a thousand times, a playlist of some listed below. Music has helped me immensely. It allows me to dramatize any emotion while letting out feelings I may not want to discuss. Along with this playing my guitar and piano create further opportunities for self-expression that I am grateful for.

Another sidekick I can rely on is the ocean. The way the waves crash and roar. The way the water reflects a sunset. The smell of sea salt and the feel of a soft breeze. Any bad day of mine can be easily remedied with a long drive down PCH. I love going to beaches I’ve never been to before and adventuring through the surrounding area, steering clear of the enemy in my forgotten combat. Trying to surf their unique waves, while falling constantly. Friends of mine make fun of me because I get cold in the water very easily. The dream is to not back down, not just from the cold water, but from anything. Using the remedies mentioned as my weapons.

Spotify playlist

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