Tiny Bits of Happiness

Since I’m an only child, I sometimes wind up by myself and theres always stress bouncing on and off of me constantly. Thankfully, I do have people and things that support me through that. My cockatiel Honey’s been by my side ever since I graduated kindergarten and we’ve become inseparable. He always puts a smile to my face by tweeting performing his funny dances, or just being genuinely clumsy. Being around people that I know care about me makes a major impact in my day.


When I’m by myself, my go-to is playing video games whether it’s on a console, PC, or even mobile devices with a variety of games. I’m not a fan of simulator games that just end when you’ve collected enough money though. I also love to read books that deal in the fantasy and mystery genre. My favorite mystery series growing up was the Hardy Boys series which consisted of two juvenile brothers solving mysteries with the help of their father and best friend. The Land of Stories was also one of my favorite reads reminding me of something similar to a Disney movie.

Credited by: Larisa-K

During holidays, being around my younger cousins and playing with them sparks that inner child inside of me which makes me feel happy and relieved knowing that I’m not quite old yet. During the times when my family is altogether, I love playing board games and other family fun trivia whether it be Head’s Up, Jenga, or even Monopoly.

Listening to music when I work or when I’m driving in the car allows me to level out the stress and pass the time. Better yet, I love playing the piano. I have since I was three. Getting to the point where I’m able to sightread any sheet of music and play it freely is one of my long term goals, and keeping that in mind makes me strive forward.

Usually, whenever I’m studying or doing homework, I’m always looking forward to dinner time since I consider that a break. Although I prefer the Cheesecake factory (even though it’s very expensive) than homemade food, it just makes me feel like the wait was worth it.

Credited by: brenjbeecrafts

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