Music: It’s Impact and Influence

Everyone in life is so different and unique, and they’re all doing their own thing. But one thing that unites people together, is MUSIC. Concerts, events, and shows bring in people from all over to support their favorite artists and celebrate their musical ability. This has allowed the access of music to expand rapidly and more people to be able to enjoy what the musical industry of today has to offer. This expansion of music in our culture and society has been adapted and changed in so many different ways, that people can enjoy whatever genre of music that calls to them.

Many people choose to use music not just as something to listen to when bored, but coping mechanisms that will help them calm down or relax. People like to do this by either playing the music, or just simply listening to it.

For me, playing and listening to music helps me calm down a lot and get my mind of everything BUT the music I’m playing or listening to. This is what helps me throughout the day, just getting my mind of school, sports, and anything else going on in my life. When I pick up the guitar, I become mesmerized by its ability to fulfil ever sound my brain chooses to play. I quite literally lose myself to the music, because before I know it, I’ve been playing my guitar for 3 hours, then 4 hours, then even 5 sometimes.

Recently, it has been difficult for me to enjoy many of the things I once did a lot, since soccer and school take up about 95% of my day. Music is one of the only things that allows me to focus and be able to get things done. Evidently, my downtime/ freetime has revolved so much around music to relax and calm down. So that prevents me from being able hang out with my friends as much, play video games, skateboard, or mountain bike. It might seem like music is the problem at this point, but it is the binding factor that keeps me entertained, happy, and relaxed. This can also apply for so many people, becuase music is what we all need.

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