The Substantialness of a Sunset

Whenever I am feeling sad, stressed, or out of my own control I always go outside, take deep breaths, and absorb the beauty of nature. My love for sunsets began at the start of the quarantine when I was trapped in my home experiencing a social status shrink. I walked into my backyard and noticed the beautiful colors in the sky and a warmth in my heart sparked and continuously grew. One of my favorite qualities about a sunset is that it occurs every day. It gives me a sense of routine and direction to know I have something to look forward to constantly. Even while in this money-revolved society, nature’s highest level of beauty comes free. 

After listening to “Girl Who Fell From the Sky” I have established that this interest only helps me with mental challenges and not physical ones. 

Although… isn’t that all you need?

For example, if I was trapped in a forest after falling from a plane crash and I continuously told myself I couldn’t do it, that is a mental struggle. Even though I am physically doubting myself I am mentally becoming my own enemy. If I encouraged myself with positive maxims I will ultimately solve and persevere through my problems and accomplish things I thought were almost impossible. When going through tough challenges taking one mental step at a time can truly make a difference. It allows people to avoid stressing over little things and calm their minds. 

This is video is a quick one-minute timelapse of a sunset. You can see people walking across a pier; it shows how you aren’t alone in this world and everyone is living a life and persevering through their own struggles.

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