The Survival of a Student

Like everyone else, I go to school in the morning but I have to wake up at 6:20 am because I have a 0 period. Unlike some people, I try and wake up and do my morning routine. As time flew by my parents got ready, and we went to the car. On my way to school I always think about what’s next, the reason why I think what’s next is because I just want school to end. As I reached my destination I jumped out of my car and with each step I took, each time I sat, time was going by even faster. It was now 2:25 pm this is when I leave school and go home to relax a bit before doing homework. My magic school bus is my iPhone because it keeps me going throughout the day. Without my phone at school, I won’t be able to learn anything, but it’s a very essential tool in my life. My phone is everything to me it’s like a body part that is permanently attached to me. At home, my phone is also my little buddy he stays with me everywhere I go in the house. It helps me get through boring times or even fun times. With the phone, I can do anything I want because all the resources I need are on that phone. With my phone, I feel like I can do anything in the world. But without it, I feel helpless, bored, and lost so that’s why I need it every day with me to survive.

Magic School Bus ( How They Survive Their Field Trips)

In life, everyone has different lives whether it is at home or school. We choose to act differently not because we want to but what our environment is telling us to. Everyone does things differently at home or school, they can do harmful things or great things. But we don’t know what they do or how they survive throughout the day. We all have different experiences surviving throughout the day, but which one is more amusing? We humans will never have the same lives because we all are different people which makes you very interesting in so many different ways. So that was my story about how I survived everyday life. How about yours? How do you survive everyday life?

Which Path do you Choose Every day?
Do You Believe Your Path is Right?

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