Talking to the Real Ones

One of the most important things in life is to talk to anyone that cares enough to listen and gives a genuine response. Those people are the ones you need to surround yourself with, the people who care for you and tell you the truth without lying. I couldn’t imagine my mental space if my friends lied to me and aren’t honest with me. If it is a struggle to find people like that it is always a good idea to turn to family, teachers, school psychiatrists, or someone older or wiser who can help with any problems. it is never too bad when not a single person wants to talk to you or help you in any way.

In high school, it is especially difficult to spend time with friends after school. But at least give an effort to talk during school, anytime is okay. No matter if you are introverted or extroverted people need someone to express their emotions. Keeping them bottled up can lead to horrible things that hurt to go through. As teenagers, we need to learn to cope with the hard things in life because adulthood isn’t easy at all and it will come with challenges but if talk to the ones who care any hardship will pass.

During my hard times talking to the ones who care for me and love me can help me pass any struggle I have. Friends and family motivate me and give me the strength to accomplish my goals. Life is difficult but a chat with a family member or friend can really lift a weight from your shoulders. What is life without learning about your mistakes, better do it with someone you care for on your side.

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