Autopilot is that feeling/state of mind you get when you’re looking but you’re not really seeing. When you’re listening, but you’re not hearing. When you understand, but you don’t really know how to react or feel. These last few years have been a sort of blur to me, because of autopilot. The “How Do You Survive Your Challenges”, activity Mr. Theriault assigned kind of helped me understand how to get out of autopilot.

I think the reason that I’d go into autopilot is because of the fact that I have so much free time, and nothing to do with it. It might’ve been my screen time, mindlessly scrolling for short, temporary doses of Dopamine. By identifying what really keeps me going, I was able to kind of find a way out, and I started to be more active. I began to find new ways to spend my time, or by reviving old hobbies and allowing myself to be more creative. I took a greater interest in music, and began expanding my taste by taking recommendations from others. Instead of just listening to the music, I tried to kind of analyze and understand what the artist was conveying. I started playing games to kill time, as well as taking some time out of my day to challenge myself athletically. I also started following a more healthy sleep schedule, as well as organizing my homework and rest time. I created more goals for myself to have things to look forward to. Spending more time with people who love me and support me helped me stay more conscious, and for that, I am infinitely grateful to them.

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