Walking For Cats

Cats. They are very cute creatures. They get me through the day, and I have the fortune of having a friendly local cat in my neighborhood. The neighbors let me hang around their porch and play around with the cat. This singular cat has grown on me enough to the point that she helps me get through my days. But how did it become this way?

Well, I first spotted this cat when I was out biking one day in Mid April. It was somewhat near my home, a five minute biking trip, and about a twelve minute walk. I saw her in the driveway of a different neighbor’s home (different from the current caretakers). I was a bit scared of her at first, but managed to find the courage to go out and give her a little pat.

Cat in mid April

I came back to visit this cat a bit more frequently after the first time, but slowly stopped visiting her after a few weeks. I had slowly lost interest. However, after summer hit, around late June, I found that I had an abundance of time on my hands, so much so that I couldn’t get rid of it all. Despite playing video games and generally living a potato-like life, I still had so much time on my hands that it was agonizing. Then, I remembered this cat around late July, and decided to get up from my bed, change my clothes, and go out to meet this cat. I slowly began to visit more and more. It became a break from the monotony of summer. I would come out and visit this cat for half an hour to an hour as a break from the video games and lying around. Due to the constant visitation, the cat slowly became friendlier with me over time.

August 2nd
August 19th

At this point I had really liked this cat, and started to try watching some videos on what cats thought of people, and tried to infer my appearance to the cat. Whether she liked me or not, and I also searched up how to tell how a cat is feeling based on their body language. Honestly, I never learned anything from those sources, but I am still rather certain that this cat likes me. She seemed to get more comfortable with me as she began to rub up against me more, and even sit on my lap occasionally.

September 23rd

And that final image basically leads to my current relationship with this cat. I visit her about every other day, sometimes daily if I’m not feeling too great. She helps get me through tough times simply due to her sheer cuteness. I still don’t know her name, but that’s not really important. It’s not like your own cat knows your name.

“If you want to be happy, be.”

Leo Tolstoy

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