Coasting Through Life

With life’s many little intricacies, everyone has their own way in which they get through to the next day, whether it be a pet, a friend, or even their computer. However it be, in any which way, these things allow us to keep going.

For myself, this item is my bed. How could it not be? My bed is like a sanctuary—something to crawl to once the day is done. That is, once the day is done. Everyday in our lives, there’s something new to face which extends the lengthiness of our day. A bed helps us deal with the drawn out day by the end of it, through a mattress of comfort, a pillow of fluff, and the ability to skip time. There is nothing to do once I’ve laid in my own bed; the day should be over, and I shall soon be asleep.

A photograph of my own bed.

A bed may be the best thing for ending the day—or skipping time during the day—but people are some of the best things to get through a full day with. I confess that I am not really a “people person” per se, quite the opposite. However, sharing experiences with others, whether they be family or friends, are some of the best moments that I’ve had in my life to date.

With friends, the shared experience is usually video games. From competitive FPS and MOBAs to action-adventure roguelikes, the amount of experiences to be had is nearly endless. The endless enjoyment of gaming with friends nullifies the ever-present feeling of time, and lets me, for just a while, forget about anything on my mind except enjoying myself.

With family, the shared experience of daily life together is enough to keep myself from feeling monotonous, whether it be laying beside my mother and talking to her, playing 8-ball pool with my father, or eating food and watching shows with my sister. It’s not always something which may be unique to the day, but I still find myself being able to coast through the day with these experiences.

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

When people are not available, and the bed is just too far, there’s music. The many different genres of music offer more than enough variety to suit your taste. It always seems to be able to flow into work and tedium to make it that much better. No matter the task at hand, music is able to flavor it with enough spice to make it tolerable to do. Aside from coasting through daily life, music helps with the darker, bleaker moments in life. The power of music ranges from helping to cope with the loss of a loved one, to the realization that you missed an easy point on a test and the dread you feel afterwards. Music is like a spice—an additive to things you want to improve.

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