A Passion for Walking

Everyone goes through a stage of stress, and anxiety. Whether it is chronic or temporary, the effects it has on us as a community are devastating. I always try my best to paint a humble and realistic smile and create a moment of relief for the folks surrounding me. However as I age into the teenage universe it gets harder with the demands and pressure we students have to adapt too in different aspects (physically, education wise,in our sports….etc) and in this process we lose our most definite features, if it’s your laugh, smile, sence of comfort towards others, we somewhat see a fallout during difficult times, and the aftermath usually is a decisive turning point that you have the control over, to suggest an uprise in mentallity or in some unfortunate cases a decline.

This has made me want a more consistent method of relief, and I reallly find a moment of clarity when I go for intermediate long walks.Teaches me to always keep going and explain to myslef how we will beat what ever that I ever have to go through at the time of the walk. The idea behind walking, is to just clear your mind, focus your observation on the environment, take a break from the indefinite emotions we ought to go through. So this 10-30 minutes you give yourself, factory resets your mentality and assists with daily activities, It’s not a motivational spell, but more of moving meditation. And I have found it to be consistent and balances out the thoughts in my mind evening out what I don’t, do, shouldn’t, should, can, can’t. I am able to escape what’s inside me, witness the light at the end of the tunnel. We all have a passion for even the most simple things, music, walking, writing, reading, coding even…list goes on, but what they all have in common is they make you a different you, it allows you to clear up and keep moving.

I have a passion for walking, to keep walking, and the necessity to walk. For “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” -John Muir

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