You Time

With all the chaos surrounding our lives, we are the eye of the hurricane. It is the small things in life that we take for granted finding time to do for ourselves for contentment. I am so grateful how I have found something that may be an object or thoughts that cross my mind everyday. Them being the reasons for me to get up every morning and keep me thriving.

Made from finely grounded green tea leaves, I feel that matcha keeps things balanced in the different aspects of my life with the beneficial antioxidants, I wake up excited to make an iced oatmilk matcha latte with a tablespoon of agave and start my day. The lattes enriching taste makes me keeps me coming back and wanting more.

You are the main character of our life, every move you makes decides outcomes of any situation, choices and events spin out of control sometimes in school, home, and socially. But will that small inconvenience matter in a year? To think about it, we are just a side character in friends, family, acquaintances lives, I help out when in any way you can or stay out when necessary to others. I know at the end everything happened for a reason leading to the present.

So many high school students these days don’t have the time to do hobbies or activities they actually WANT to do but instead filled with tedious schoolwork and extracurriculars we either are actually passionate about or we just think we should be passionate about to look good for college applications one day.

Oscar Wilde — ‘If I could get back my youth, I’d do anything in the world except get up early, take exercise or be respectable.’

Your mindset should include who am I out of school? With scheduling YOU time, I use the serotonin filling pleasure and I hope to expand on my hobbies of baking into greater things. I have sacred time to look for and combine ingredients to put the batter in it’s different pans/molds and put it in the oven waiting patiently for it to rise. With all the chaos and schoolwork, baking has become my de-stressing mechanism. The smallest joys lead to the most impacted larger things. Having that one or two things you do you like out of school keeps you doing fun things with yourself or friends. The teen years are the years you will look back as the fondest, so make it filled with the most joy you can. Who knows anything could get on a plane and crash somewhere in the jungle bearing no skills outside of school and you don’t survive all those night head deep in the textbook for nothing. There is so much more to this world left unexplored.

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