Breaking the Cycle

“Every choice in life either moves you forward or keeps you stuck” – Oprah Winfrey

My life is structured. The weeks blur together as a result of following the same daily routine. As a student, I often feel trapped in the repetitive cycle: go to class, do homework, study, repeat. It’s like walking through a revolving door, only to end up in the same place again. Often enough, this  leaves me feeling like I’m in a rut of stagnancy and sameness day after day.

In one of my favorite books, The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune, the main character Linus Baker embodies this dull lifestyle perfectly. He is a caseworker who was confined by the structure of his boring job, rude coworkers, and gloomy city. And yet… he still broke the cycle. 

And while it would be nice to move to a beautiful island across the world like Linus Baker, I have found that the smallest joys are of utmost importance to make each of my days exciting and memorable:

  1. Brain Games + Reading

Have you ever started to read a book and then ten pages in, realize you did not comprehend a single word? Well I struggle with this and wanted to better myself so I can finish hw assignments and tests faster. I have found a new interest in brain games (word searches,crosswords, and sudoku) to help me sharpen my mind…no it’s not just for grannies. I’ve also started to read purely for fun instead of for a book report or assigned reading in school to practice reading faster.

Here is my favorite Good Reads account for book recommendations:

 Actively working towards a new goal makes each day more engaging and motivating after seeing results of my progress. 

2. Listening to music 

Although my Spotify playlist is the rummage sale of all playlists, I always enjoy the feeling of discovering a new artist, genre, or album that makes me bop my head everytime I hear it. 

One of my favorites is the Driver Era!

3. Going on Walks

Even though I have driven through my neighborhood a countless amount of times, taking a walk after a stressful day always brings greater appreciation of the beauty around me. It is a chance to reflect on my day, listen to interesting podcasts, get moving, and overall take a break from my routine. And it is always a great opportunity to spend one on one time with my family.

Free illustrations of Wallpaper

By finding small activities that I enjoy to implement into my day, I try not to fall victim to the boring, mind numbing routine that I face as a student.

But instead choose to break the cycle.

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