Flowing Through Time

Sitting and watching dramas, solving puzzles, while chowing down my favorite snack. It’s nice having a great time until I look at one window to another and take off my earbuds so I can fully register the situation. I realize that it wasn’t just a rainy day on a weekend, but it was strong gusts combined with hail and rain. I have homework to do, and time is really catching up on me. I already knew I had work to do, yet I continued to do things I half enjoyed. Half enjoyed because I kept thinking about that list of assignments from time to time, and especially the time.

I ask myself a question, why can’t I stop procrastinating? It would make more sense if I did all my work first, then have a refreshing left over time to do anything I want afterwards. That left over time could be a reward for the productive seconds I have put into resisting instant gratification or an endurance test for my discipline. By not trusting my capabilities too early on, I’m able to see a better reflection at the end. By taking off my earbuds and looking out the window to make first judgement of the weather, the reflection at the end of the day is not shock and surprise. Instead, the stormy hail gives a welcoming view, a rare day that gives a unique view outside my window.

Through my experience on attempting to change how I plan my day, I wonder if the realization of our actions is a main component to success. Our actions are built in somewhat a butterfly effect connected with time. Something we do in the past, no matter how little or how significant the action was, there will be a time in the present when our past actions catches up with the present. Procrastination is like a deep maze where your stuck between the past and the present, but the butterfly can help you move forward.

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