Immersed in the Other World

Every week the same schedule. School, practice, homework. Every day repeats, with the work piling up, the stress growing, the pressure accumulating. What is there to comfort me through the endless cycle? 

Well, there’s a world where none of my problems exist. Because when the seats recline, the candy bags rustle, and the lights dim, it all disappears. 

Movies have brought comfort to my life like nothing before. Going to the movie theaters has been a magical experience since I was little. I become so immersed in the world. I live through each character and become so emotionally attached to them. 

Being able to transport myself to this world has helped me through my struggles. I also track all the movies I have watched and liked. Because when things get hard I can take a break from my own challenges. 

A recent movie I have watched in theaters is “Where the Crawdads Sing”, based on the novel by Delia Owens. And yes I did read the book before watching the movie.

The story begins in 1952, North Carolina. It is about the life of a girl named Kya, who is outcasted by the town because of her family reputation and living in the marsh. The book covers issues of racism, classism, as well as sexual harassment. But it also shows the beauty of nature, love, and life. 

One thing I really loved was the way the author took me along Kyas whole life. It really made me think and reflect about myself. It showed me how valuable life was and how short it was. When reading the book I was very attached to the characters, it made me cry. 

But when I saw it in theaters, I saw it all come to life. 

Everything hurt even more. Visually seeing what I had previously envisioned in my mind. 

The demographic of the theater that day was really funny and heartwarming to me. There was about 95% females, and it was either teen girls/young adult girls or older people/couples. 

It seemed that there was an “old souls” type of crowd there to see the sort of 50’s romance mystery story. 

When we reached the end of Kyas life, me and my friends sobbed. 

I turned to my left to see the older ladies next to us were also crying. It was really cool seeing a connection we had, like the younger and older generation. 

My love for the fictional universe, the world of the cinema, is something I value very much. 

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