There Will Be Better Days

Most days are repeats of the same cycle. I wake up, go to school, come home from school and sit at my desk for the rest of the day, doing homework for all sorts of classes. Even if I’m not doing homework, I am probably doing something school-related, or related to the fact that I’m trying to be competitive for colleges. This cycle becomes very tedious and weighs me down.

Getting through these tough days needs some sort of motivation. Whether that comes from the simple fact that I’ll be done with homework, or it comes from motivation such as watching a movie, eating ice cream, or meeting up with some friends after I finish, it helps me get through these days and get the energy I need to start the next day.

I like to get through all the homework, which feels like it never ends, by encouraging myself to finish quickly, so I can watch a movie with my family and maybe even eat ice cream. I also like to doodle, draw, color, add details, and organize my stuff, to get my mind off of all the stress from the homework and school environment. I also love to be with my friends because they help me get my mind clear and they give me energy to keep working.

Adding in fun things to my day and giving myself treats after I finish assignments helps prevent the exhausting cycle of each school day from completely wearing me out. Motivation helps drive me forward, adds the fun things that I’ll remember later on in life, and helps me realize that there will be better days.

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