When My Life Gets Tough, I grow.

I know this from experience so I understand that life gets tough, and challenging, maybe even problematic. It’s not just me, but life becomes demanding for everyone. Although we can’t change this fact, we can all get through it. So this post is from me to you. This is my message for mental health and my take on how I get through my everyday. I am writing this because I enjoy seeing everybody around me happy.

First I will talk a little about myself. I consider that I am a pretty busy person, I am just a normal high school student that also has to partake in a sport. I spend hours on homework, studying, and exercising. I barely have time to enjoy the things I like, video games, anime, or hanging out with friends. That is my example of a tough life, it is exhausting working all day without a goal. I know that many people have it rougher, which ruins their mental health. We should all be aware of how mental health is so important, it’s what keeps you pushing, and it’s the most important step of life. The process of mental health improvement is not just a one-day thing, it is a cycle that you need to repeat every single day of your life from your childhood to your adulthood.

Many people kill themselves every day since their mental health is so bad. It is so bad that suicide is the leading cause of death in the United States, this article is named “Mental Health Conditions Can Contribute to Suicide Risk.” States that “In 2020, nearly 46,000 Americans die by suicide.” (I linked this article just in case you wanted more info). That’s why mental health is so crucial to everyone, and how I am going to talk about the things that help my mental health.

Now I am going to talk about my experiences. Hopefully, this won’t be long, I don’t want to bore you am I right? My experience with mental health was very foggy, I didn’t know how to start or who to talk to. I was in a tough time, but tough times do create tough people. Having no knowledge, I found this person on Youtube. I got all my knowledge of self-improvement/mental health improvement from this very nice guy (he is like a brother that helps you with everything you need). This video was one that really helped me, I feel like if I hadn’t stumbled upon this I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

To end this post, I am going to tell you how I am doing and where I plan to go. I watched this 2 months ago and I still am trying to self-improve right now, it is a long process but we’ll all get there if you put your practice into it. I’ve grown as a person who is proud of myself. I have also implemented many practices from this video in my mental health. For example, I have started exercising more, eating healthier, attempting to get more sleep (which is not really working right now due to school), meditating, and trying to become more productive. Sleep is such a key factor that I wish I could get more of, I also wish I could talk about sleep more. I’ve also taken a sport although I am very bad at it right now, I’ll definitely practice more. I am going to include images of my self-improvement journey, thanks for listening to me.

This is me hiking a mountain, making it to the top.
Me exercising, this is the only picture I have.
This is what I currently look like. I want to see my after results when I am successful.

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