Who Cares About Good Food?

It’s common knowledge that living things need food to survive. Us living beings need the energy and nutrients that come with eating food. However, if that was the entire story as to why we eat food, humans would be perfectly fine eating tasteless and bland sludge. For me and I assume most humans, we like to eat food that tastes, smells, and feels good to eat. Eating good food is a tactic that helps me survive, but in a different sense than just eating for the energy and nutrients.

Looking at the two foods above, there is an obvious choice for which food I would choose to eat. One might be healthier than the other, but when it comes to food, we always tend to choose based on the taste and enjoyment we will get from the food we chose to eat. I can already tell which food I would enjoy more based on just my sense of sight. That feeling of enjoyment from food is part of the reason why I consider good food so important. Some people probably don’t think of eating food as a type of entertainment activity on the same level as games, reading, or watching movies. However, I find eating food to be as entertaining as some movies I’ve watched or some games I’ve played.

“To me, food is as much about the moment, the occasion, the location and the company as it is about the taste.”

– Heston Blumenthal

It isn’t just the food that I eat that can make eating food enjoyable and entertaining. It’s also the experiences that come with eating food that make it enjoyable and something I love to do. It can be the simple things like reading the label of the box that the cereal I am eating came from. Or maybe that feeling of relief that comes with finally getting to eat good food after a long and tiring day. Or the food experience I enjoy the most, getting to eat together with friends or family.

Why do I value enjoyment from food so much? Good food can be a crutch that helps a person through tough times. If I ‘m stressed or upset, good food can always eliminate some of those negative feelings. I have also found that good food can bring people together. For example, my friends are always looking for good food. This encourages them to meet up to find some food to eat together. I can guarantee that a large number of gatherings with friends would never have happened if it weren’t for good food.

In conclusion, food isn’t just for the nutrition. It’s also for the taste. It’s for the experience. It’s for all the benefits that come with good food. That could be helping with negative emotions or bringing people together. So the answer to the question posed by the title of this post is me. I care a lot about good food and I’m confident that there is a large amount of people who agree with me on that matter.

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