August slipped away…

“August” by Taylor Swift is told from the perspective of a girl named August who had a summer romance with a boy, James. From the first few lines of “August”, the two lovers seem to be very passionate even though one is doubtful. I believe that August is the doubtful one about their relationship, she is the one asking, “Are you sure?” to which James responds, “Never have I ever before.” James gave August hope and led her on to believe they would be something, but he was never her’s, not even to lose. 

I saw a bit of the August story line in the movie, Spirited Away, August is Haku and James is Chihiro. For a while, Chihiro and Haku are in love and together but then Chihiro (James) has to leave the mysterious land (summer) and return back to her life and leave Haku (August) behind. 

Through Elsa Gildow’s poem “Sudden Friendship”, she encapsulates what it feels like to be suddenly entranced, “Now the mystic kiss has joined us, – Now we stand inside the portal – That permits of no returning, – And my heart is strangely burning.” August was in love with James but he had his whole life waiting for him after summer ended. After the summer with James, August realized that she could never have James, it was just a summer thing. 

The month of August had slipped away, they were no longer together; they no longer met behind the mall and August did not cancel her plans just in case James called. Things have changed over time, August was no longer full of hope. Change is seen in the Mojave Phone Booth story, from a deserted phone booth, to a place for conversations, now there is nothing.

The story of August is about the change back when August was living for the hope of it all…

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