Everyone Needs a Comfort Activity

First, we need to talk about what a comfort activity is. A comfort activity includes anything that makes you happy, comfortable, or “at home”. These activities include literally anything you like doing. A man named “Doc” called a phone booth in the middle of the Mojave desert every day even though every time he called, he wouldn’t get an answer. For a while, he never got an answer at all but it was still an activity he felt comfy with. Another person is Blair Sommerville, who is an artist from New Zealand. He made art and machines from trash and random items, and even though it can be seen as nasty, it was something that made him comfortable. Lastly in Scavengers, the man and woman in the film, work together to get a “ball” from a creature that allows them to see Earth again. Using clues we can assume that they had done this before since they did it easily. So getting this ball and seeing Earth is their comfort activity

So why do we need a comfort activity? We need a comfort activity for when times get rough. We need something we can fall back on when we need it the most. During Covid, I felt alone since I couldn’t really talk to any of my friends. I needed comfort. So I started playing video games, and I met really good friends that I still play with today. I think without video games it would’ve been really hard for me to get through the quarantine. 

So what’s the purpose of this writing? I wanted to prove that everyone, kids, teens, or adults needs an activity that comforts them. From personal experience, it boosts your mood, lets you be happier, and for some activities, it doesn’t take long at all. The best thing is that it can be any activity, it doesn’t matter what it actually is.

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