Accessibility to Technology

Society has changed vastly over many decades. Technological advances and developments have altered the way of everyone lives, and it is nearly impossible to not encounter any form of technology. Phones, watches, laptops, computers, and even a piece of clothing, manufactured by a big factory all relate to technological developments. However, we haven’t been able to factor in the accessibility of technology. In some places and parts of the world, there is no access to the internet, no form of communication online, and no Wifi. People are affected by the environment they are surrounded by, similarly in the movie Spirited Away. In the movie, many scenes throughout the film reflect a hidden society, one that is separated from the real world without any form of technology and the use of magic/sorcery. Why have people not been aware of or utilized technology even though it exists? Because they weren’t introduced to the ideas of technology in the first place. 

Picture from StudentPrivacyCompass

In the movie “Scavengers”, we can also see the different uses of animals, plants, etc. to navigate through a vastly different world, where the two explorers are trying to reach their wanted destination. People are burdened with having no choice of how to live without technology if it isn’t presented to them at all. This creates the difference of technology and  

Picture from the short film “Scavengers”

The term, digital divide, best explains this scenario as unequal access to technology and inequality in information. This issue is a sizable task since access to technology hinders the development of every country on Earth and its potential to become highly advanced. While at hand the task is immense, minor actions or ideas can help ease the divide and also allow people without access to technology to connect as an interlinked network of people across the planet. For example, the video, “The Last Bookstore.”, shows the attention to books even though people are consumed by technology daily. If people in the digital divide can’t access technology, the attention to books might be more favorable in a specific area. Ways to get around the issue of unequal access to technology could just refer to not using technology at all, and uniting people to have common access. 

Technology has rewired our way of life, as it is utilized every day and the difference in technology through the digital divide makes us realize the importance of just sometimes taking a break from technology and participating in activities like reading a book, hanging out with friends, etc.

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