Enjoy the Journey Before it Ends

With no experience comes every regret. Regret has everything to do with choices in life. Everybody has many regrets about past events or choices they have made. Though, I would like to ask, how much regret do you have over choices you didn’t make or events you didn’t attend in life? Not many people realize the things they should’ve done because they were too caught up in the things they did do. One of the biggest regrets people have in life is not experiencing life to the fullest. I know, it sounds cliche and overused, but it is a hundred percent true. People don’t realize that life is short. In the present, it seems like we have a lot of time left, but looking back we always think about how time went so quickly.

To this I say, make the most of your time. When you are on your deathbed, thinking about the special moments that made your life memorable, I would hate for you to regret not making the most out of your valuable time. A heavy regret is nearing death and realizing you didn’t enjoy life or you didn’t make a name out of yourself while you had the time. 

Life is a journey, and everyone is an adventurer that travels through time until they reach the end of their destination, death. Life is about the process, the moments, the experience. Whenever someone says “What’s the point if we all die anyways?” I just want to show them the possibilities that this journey can branch out into. Would you rather walk a long, boring road to your destination or take your time, have fun, and meet people you will love along the way? We are all on this journey together, so make it memorable. We are all heading to the same ending. Experience life before you regret doing nothing with your time. Life is nothing without experience. Life is like the telephone booth from The Mojave Phone Booth. Almost nobody knew about this nearly abandoned telephone booth. But after someone put some care, love, and interest into it, the phone booth became something more special than just machinery that took calls. It became “one of the only phone booths that people were sad to see go.”

Life is meaningless if you don’t put an effort into experiencing the potential of your journey. It’s like only eating one food every day without trying any other meals. It’s like only seeing scraps or unused material and believing it is unusable. In order for your life to have meaning, you have to make the best out of what you have, and sometimes, what you have isn’t a lot. Just like Blair from Lost & Found, he created amazing gadgets and automatons out of whatever he could find. He also doesn’t live a life of luxury, but he is still happy with what he has made out of his time, effort, and passion. Make the best of everything.

Movie: Spirited Away

Try to be as optimistic as possible, but pessimism is healthy in moderation. Just like Chihiro from Spirited Away, we all must get past hardships to continue our journey. After Chihiro’s parents turn into pigs, it seems like she is stuck in the spirit realm forever. Chihiro became determined to save her parents and escape the spirit realm which she eventually succeeded with the help of friends along the way. Despite having a rough and tiring adventure, Chihiro regrets none of it. She made this time in her life unforgettable by making new friends and experiencing things she never knew existed before. By the end of the movie, Chihiro makes Haku promise that they will meet again with sorrowful goodbyes. This shows that Chihiro will miss Haku and her adventures with him in the spirit realm. Chihiro is an 11-year-old girl who made the best out of her life, and if she can do it I believe anyone can.

I hope that everyone makes the most of their life, never take it for granted. No one knows how much time they have left, so making the best out of what we have will prevent us from regretting the actions we didn’t take. No one will live in life if they have not experienced what it has to offer.

Enjoy your journey before it’s over.

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