My Family

Family is everything. Whether it be one person, or many, they’re people who care about you. Building a strong relationship with your family is so important. They help you grow as a person in so many ways. You guys are a team and you should support and work together to create a positive atmosphere at home. When you communicate with your parents or siblings, you can always come to them to talk about the things going on in your life, or any troubles that you might be facing. In the Mojave Phone Booth podcast, people from around the world would call the phone booth to talk and rant about their problems and receive a helpful response back. Those little things, like receiving advice on something small can make all the difference, it can lift a small weight off your shoulders and simply make you feel better.

When things start getting difficult, or you hit a rough patch in life, just know that you have people to help you get through it. Becoming close with the people around you can strengthen the bond between you guys and improve your relationship. This can allow you guys to rely on each other in times of need and gives you the reassurance that you always have someone who will put you first. In the short film, Scavengers a man and woman are taken to another planet and can only count on each other to survive. They always worked together and learned to rely on each other for help.

I love my family. I would do anything to make them happy, even if it meant that I wasn’t. In the movie, Spirited Away, the main character does everything to help her parents who had turned into pigs. Despite being able to get away, she stays for her parents, putting her own life on the line. The family dinners, the game nights, the deep talks, may all seem small, but it genuinely puts me in a better mood. Still spending time with my parents and siblings reminds me that I still have them in my life and that our bond still hasn’t changed despite all of us growing older. 

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