Going to college

As more and more time passes, college is getting closer. In no time, we will be turning in our college applications to the schools of our choice, hoping that we get accepted to at least one. We will become so overwhelmed with applications and college that we will forget to think about how much will change. Just like when the Mojave Phone Booth was removed, it will be an end to an era. Even if you don’t physically move away from home to go to college, you will mentally move away from your old life and enter a new one. There will be changes. New challenges to face and overcome. New people will enter your life. You will lose friends. Promises you made in high school might begin to seem harder to keep. 

College is the beginning of a new life for most people. An adventure to test their skills as human beings. It begins an era of self-discovery. You will become more aware of your actions, and you might start to understand why your mom always scolds you for how you act. You will fully  become responsible for yourself. It’s not just entering college. It’s entering adulthood. Once you hit this milestone, your character will determine how you go about this new adventure. Can you survive?

High School was the planning era. You knew exactly what you wanted to be and what you wanted. You had a plan. Once college hits, and you start working towards the goals you made for yourself in high school, you realize that things are not moving as smoothly as you thought. As the differences between high school and college become more evident, you start to realize that the sudden freedom will slow you down.

We complain about too many restrictions in high School, but once we move to college and all these restrictions are gone, it will throw us off track. The freedom of not having someone constantly telling you to get your life together might cause your progress to slow down. We are so used to being told what to do along with having constant deadlines that once those two aspects are gone we are left clueless and lost.

Transitioning from a high school student to a college student is a transition that many underestimate. Like in the video Scavengers, it can compare to entering a new foreign world. We will have to do what it takes to survive. We will need tools that will increase our chances of success. Because college isn’t just a test of whether or not you can pass, it is also a test of how well you can take care of yourself when you have no one to do it for you. Your mental health can be either your friend or foe. We will need guides. A person or a thing that will be the shoulder you lean on. Just like Chihiro in the movie Spirited Away, with Haku’s help, she survived and managed to escape the island. 


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