Have you ever thought about that one person?

Have you all thought about someone and cared for them a lot but don’t know if they cared for you or not? Maybe even wonder if they like talking to you or not? We all probably have loved someone or something that means a lot to us. But always wondered if that object or person we love loves us back. On earth, humans wonder about many things which are good because that’s how we get more ideas and creative minds in the world. 

Besides taking care of yourself, you also want someone to look after you or care about you. Yes, our parents are there to look out for us and care about us but it’s not the same when you have someone in your life that you feel can be equally better or you know you wanna be with. For example, in the movie “Spirited Away” when Chihiro’s parents were gone and she was sad and lonely Haku the assistant of Yubaba, the boss of the world, helps her out and shows that he cares about her. This leads to Chihiros’s success to get out of that world and save her parents. It just shows how love or someone that cares about you is willing to do anything for you. But even with this feeling, you have that someone cares about you or you care about someone is confusing. There is no right or wrong answer to the feeling that you can have about caring for someone.

At this moment you may care about the person but later at a different time, you may care about someone else or not even care about anyone. All you can do is enjoy the present which is right now and don’t be scared to do anything. There are no mistakes to be made unless the moment has passed and it’s too late. In the podcast and article “ The Mojave Phone Booth” the person that picked up the phone really made the person’s day because he’s been calling for a while now and waiting for someone to pick him up. After telling that story many people started to visit that phone booth but eventually, it was causing problems like traffic and huge crowds gathering so they had to remove the phone booth. Just like that the person’s goal of getting someone to pick up the phone in the desert was over. His moment of fame and adventure ended in a flash. So that is why it’s always important to enjoy your moment, enjoy the present, and enjoy all the memories or it can be too late.

Nevertheless, you have many things going on in your life, and whatever is happening it’s probably affecting you or somebody else. But listen to this if you really care about someone or wanna reach out to them don’t be afraid to. Rather if it’s a crush or someone you haven’t talked to in a while because this moment right now cannot be altered or changed. If you wait too long it might never happen and that’s too late because you will be thinking about it and wondering what if I asked the person what would’ve happened?

After reading this I hope you’ve learned or got to express your feelings for someone. Don’t ever hold back because the worst that can happen is the person may not like you back but at least you let the person know or else you will always wonder if that person liked me back or not. It doesn’t have to be a crush, it can also be asking someone to talk to you because you feel like they can help you out more than other people you know. Just know that whatever happens, happens it’s just the way of life and the way of the world. So remember to let it happen, don’t try and stop it by being too scared or shy to talk to the person or whatever you wanna do. 

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