The Benefits of “Me” Time

We all need some time to ourselves, some time that we can simply be alone with our thoughts, away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. This time alone can be an activity that you love, a place where you feel comfortable, or simply some time where to sit and organize thoughts.

For Godfrey Daniels, that was searching for the Mojave Phone Booth ever since he saw the number on the back of a magazine. This became a sort of ‘ritual’, and something that relaxed him because of the familiarity; something to simply destress him. The number 760-733-9969 became ingrained in his head, becoming something that he could focus on and forget about any problems that he was facing.

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For Josh Spencer, that place was being ‘lost’ in the literary worlds of the authors that he loves. In fact, that love of books got him through a near death incident, where he suffered a near fatal accident with a motorcycle. He described himself as being “emotionally flat” and just “going through the motions [of life]” due to the shock of not being able to do anything physical anymore. However, what got him out of this slump was creating his own business, The Last Bookstore, and sharing his love of books with everyone else in his community. [1] He describes it as his way to “give back” to the community that helped him get back on his feet, and as his business grew, it became more of a sanctuary for those who just needed that time to themselves, where they could pick up a book and get lost in the magical world that great authors weave with their words.

For Chihiro, from Spirited Away, that was simply time with the friends that she made from the other world. After moving away from her school where Chihiro finally made friends, she and her family moved to a small town in the Japanese countryside, much to her dismay. Before actually moving into their house, they entered a mysterious tunnel in the mountainside that transported her into a fantasy world filled with monsters after the sun goes down. There, her only goal is to endure backbreaking labor to find a way to get back to her old life along with her parents. Haku helped her to survive the trials that Yubaba put her through, and allowed her to return back to her own world with her parents. However, the one thing that helped her to persevere through here dire situations was her firm belief in the abilities of her friends, and that she didn’t have to do everything. That allowed her to rest, and take action when necessary.
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For me, this time to myself is just sitting in a comfortable chair with a warm drink, some music playing, and a good book to read. While the activity that others find relaxing may vary, all can agree that there is something magical about just ‘separating’ from reality. For some, listening to music and dozing off is the best way to de-stress, while others prefer crocheting, knitting, or cooking.

In the end, the most important thing is to do something that you love because that is what will allow you to take your mind off of your troubles for a while. This time away from your troubles should be cherished, especially in this busy world where worry is abundant.

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