“If You Completely Forget Your Name, You’ll Never Find Your Way Home,” – “Spirited Away.” Sometimes throughout the midst of life, we forget where we came from. We often lose track of our origins along the way of living, yet we always find the way back home. Throughout my struggles, I realized how much family means to me. In the film, “Spirited Away,” Chihiro has not only saved her parents but also gained a clear understanding of selfhood and concepts that she did not have before. Throughout the film’s central moral, Chihiro recognizes her own struggles with her identity. Chihiro’s reaction to the constantly shifting circumstances around her, even the most terrifying ones, defines it. Being separated from her parents is the most terrifying fear any child could have, and possibly the most terrifying fear of all. Chihiro’s journey into adulthood is propelled by her ability to overcome her worries and retrieve her mom and dad. Which I can relate to, like Chihiro she overcame those hardships yet was able to go back to her origins. Even though I suffer and try to strive for new beginnings I can always go back to them with open arms. The video Lost and Found is able to signify the importance of a home. It states, “What takes a lifetime to learn, They comprehend, is the existence and substance of myriad relationships: it is these relationships, not the things themselves, that ultimately hold the human imagination.” Which can ultimately indicate the significance of being curious yet being connected to your roots through relationships with family, friends, religions, etc. Family is one of the main reasons why I choose to live every day.

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