My Two “Loving” Brothers

I grew up with two brothers, and let me tell you it has been an experience to say the least. I have always wanted a sister but I have adjusted to living with brothers. Let me just tell you that the house is never quiet and that there is always a fight going on. 

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Being the only girl is sometimes lonely, because a male sibling will just never completely understand what it is that you are dealing with. When I was younger I used to always steal my older brother’s clothes because I wanted him to like him. I guess I was a tomboy if that is what you want to call it. I always wanted attention from my older brother for no particular reason but I just wanted to feel connected to him in some way. I always thought that my older brother would only love our younger brother. When we were growing up me and my older brother always got into fights and we even had wrestling matches, which is CRAZY I know. The more we grew up the more we learned how to live together. My older brother is one of my best friends now, I mean our favorite thing to do is still to fight, but now it is more in a playful manner than it is actual fighting.

This is what my older brother does… until my mom walks in the room.

I have always wanted a sister because I want someone to give me relationship advice and to be able to share embarrassing female stories with them. I also really wanted someone that I could steal clothes from.  I feel like because I am the only girl I have always pictured the perfect sister but I don’t think there is such a thing as perfect. My brothers drive me completely insane, they don’t know how to pick up after themselves, and they also don’t know what it means to stay clean.

“Lost and Found” on Vimeo

They have thrown me in a pool fully clothed and their way of being funny is to just bully me. When I get my nails done I always want to show someone and my brothers just say OK cool. There favorite word to say is I don’t care, which really bugs me. Although the thing that really gets me is the dirty socks on the floor. They have really given me an inside look on what it is going to be like living with a guy. 

There are benefits of having brothers, like that I always feel protected. I feel so much safer knowing that I have my brothers with me at night than with being with my friends. In the movie Spirited Away, the scene of Chihiro going on the train in order to rescue Haku, shows how much she cares about him. My brothers would also risk there lives to save me. I look up to my older brother because he shows me the qualities of what being a good man looks like. Me and both my brothers are very close in age. My older brother is 17, I am 15, and our younger brother is 13. I will admit that I am my dad’s favorite because I am the only girl which means that I am treated like a princess. I would say that my brothers are my mom’s favorites but I still have that deep connection with my mom. My mom is like my sister but she doesn’t fully understand everything that I am going through. The older I get the more I feel like I can talk to my older brother. My brothers are very good listener but I would say that they are not good at giving advice. Even though my younger brother is only two years younger than me I always feel like he’s so much younger. In my eyes my younger brother is 5 years old, he recently got taller than me but I still bully him for being short but that is because I love teasing him. 

My brothers and I have a love-hate relationship. One minute we can be perfectly normal and the next we can be at each others throats. Funny story actually, but when we were younger my older brother broke my arm. We were messing around and then he pushed me off the bed. My younger brother has always been like a best friend to me, I remember when he was just born my goal was to always carry him around with me. My mom would always yell at me to put him  down because she was scared that I would drop him, but I was a stubborn little kid. Now that we are older we have learned to get along with each other and me and my older brother have never been closer. It sucks that we just got super close this year because he is going off to college next year. I think one of the main reasons that we didn’t get along as kids was because we were so close in age. Us being so close in age caused us to always compete for everything. Growing up with boys has caused me to have a higher tolerance for people in general. 

A great representation of how me and my brothers always compete for everything.

After saying all of this, I still wouldn’t trade my brothers for anything in the world, but they don’t need to know that. That statement just stays between me and myself. It has definitely been an experience to say the least, but it is just  beginning and I can’t wait to see where me and them will be in the future. 

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