When we are constantly surrounded by what seems to be a perpetual amount of work, it is important to recharge in order to keep us going. Us humans are phones that have been used all day, as we need some time to ourselves to recharge so we can wake up the next day with 100% battery. When we are running on 50% energy, we do very little just to get through the day, which mirrors how we use our phones when it is on low battery. If we had nothing to look forward to doing or no amount of time to rest, there would be no point in pushing ourselves to our limits doing work. There needs to be some sort of break or reward that keeps us going, to energize us for the next day.

 For example, the man that called the Mojave Phone Booth called a payphone in the middle of nowhere for months upon months, even going to find the booth himself, just to get a reply back one day. Calling this booth was his hobby, his recharge, what he looked forward to everyday while working to keep him going. 

In my case, my recharge would be playing guitar and sleeping. Playing guitar instantly puts me in a better mood and helps make things that would otherwise be dreadful into something a little bit more bearable. Sleeping, on the other hand, is quite literally my way of recharging. I have come to find out that if I do not achieve an adequate amount of sleep daily, it will just create a cycle that makes me tired during the day, requiring me to catch up on all of the work when I get home, ultimately resulting in me sleeping later

As creatures with a limited energy supply, we need to refill that supply daily in order to carry out tasks to our highest ability. Whether it be hobbies or actual rest, these things are very important to our well being and should not be considered a “waste of time”. If we spend all our time on things that we hate doing, shouldn’t that be considered a waste of time?

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