Help Me Please, I Can’t Stand Aatrox

“Defeat.” The screen glares a clear, bloodlike red as the post-game lobby is loading. At this stage, I seriously wondered to myself, why did I ever install this game? What did I do to ever have to lane against such a monster? I guess I know what my new ban is! Okay, so this game I’ve been playing for years called League of Legends has always been extremely fun for me, and I genuinely do enjoy playing it. However, this champion has been especially annoying to deal with, and he is just so hard to play against! He simply deals way too much damage and never dies since he just heals back all of his health within a second! Just unbelievable.

Who is this champion you may ask? Aatrox. Just look at him… disgusting.

Aatrox is just horrendous to play against, I just feel absolutely terrible. He has an insane amount of crowd control, meaning it is difficult to play against him, as well as his high mobility due to his low cooldown dashes. Even his builds are really versatile, meaning he can play every game and almost every matchup quite well, leading to his extremely high win rate. Aatrox is at a shocking 12.63% pick rate, with a 29.24% ban rate! He’s banned in almost 3/10 of all games, and I’ve gotta say, it’s quite the achievement. Playing against Aatrox is just painful, and it’s super annoying to the point where I might just have to start banning him every game! For those that are unaware, bans are where you get to select any champion to ban before the game starts, which I’m extremely grateful for.

Really cool and creative designs, although the second one makes my eyes hurt.

These inventions are all pretty nifty, and they inspire me to invent new ways and techniques to counter Aatrox. Unfortunately, his inventions are successful and pretty cool while mines end up failing miserably, and I see the defeat screen for the umpteenth time in a row. However, that isn’t enough to force me to give up, as I must overcome my hatred for Aatrox and defeat him one day! Seeing the perseverance of others truly is motivating to win in a video game, which does sound really stupid actually. I also heard of this one guy who kept dialing this phone booth in the middle of nowhere in hopes of receiving a callback… oh well that’s a story for another time!

Here is the spirit No Name from Spirited Away, which represents Aatrox’s massive power and ability to scare off enemies.

Of course, it’s possible to take down Aatrox, but it is just super difficult to do so. Personally, I blame Riot Games’ horrible balancing system, as there is always going to be one champion that destroys the game, and as of now, it’s Aatrox. Every time I queue up for League of Legends, I have this intense fear of Aatrox on the enemy team, but thankfully there is a ban system implemented within the game. Well, looks like I’ll need to stop complaining about Aatrox and ban him. Click click. In two simple steps, Aatrox is banned! Have fun in your League of Legends games, and please don’t play Aatrox, please.

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