Highschool: A Teen’s Worst Enemy

When it comes to school, what is the first thing that a student might think of? Sports? Relationships? Homework? Whatever you do in high school will greatly affect the outcome of your future. As a result, the student is burdened with immeasurable amounts of stress. Either an important math test, or league finals, everything amounts to some degree of stress on your mind. A study from, Mayo Clinic, has shown that, “…stress symptoms can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior.” Affecting your body in several different and harmful ways.

Nothing’s better than going out with your friends during the weekend to help relieve some of your stress. You can always look to your friends to guide you, support you, and have fun with you. Similar to what the protagonist, Chihiro, did in the movie Spirited Away. She saw in front of her eyes, her parents magically transformed into pigs. Afraid that her parents would be gone forever, she started running away from the town. That’s where she met her friend Haku, who along with the help of others, helped eventually save her parents. Showing that with the help of your friends, you can accomplish anything, and there is no need to be worried when you always have someone there to be beside you.

A student is always worried about how they are going to perform in school, and sometimes the stress buildup might lead to them underperforming on some exams/assignments. But as the man in the short film Lost and Found said, “things come together in so many different ways.” Sometimes when things might not be working in your favor, every hope is lost, but there will always be room to improve, room to fill in the gaps.Taking small steps is essential. Better time management is key in reducing stress, as you can find time to enjoy yourself and focus on school work. Both of which are equally important for your mind.

When an obstacle in your way might seem uncrossable, it takes a great amount of effort to pass it, but it’s not impossible. In the short film, “Welcome to The Last Bookstore” the founder is paralyzed from the hip down, causing him to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. In order to adapt to his new lifestyle he had to, “redjust my mind, change my perception, things that seem difficult weren’t necessarily harder, it’s just different.” No matter what the circumstances are, life will always send obstacles towards your way, all you can do is find your way to scale it.

I think that a student’s highschool experience shouldn’t be one that is full of stress. But in the end, it’s something that will be part of everybody’s lives. All we can do is work slowly towards our goals, and make new friends along the way that will be by your side. It’s important to be stress-free on your educational journey so you can perform at your utmost capability 100% of the time.

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