Why We Need Others To Survive

I’m sure you don’t realize it, but you depend on the people around you to succeed.  Not in a way that harms or affects the other individual, but in a way where everyone is linked and connected.  You have social interactions daily, this includes everything from an unknown person, to a really close knit group of friends.  Unknowingly, these people help get you through the day.  There are different ways people can affect you, some people may get by by doing you favors, others will benefit from conversion and quality time with you.  Nonetheless, people are social creatures who need others to live.

 The “Mojave Phone Booth” was just a less than ordinary booth, no one had thought that a phone booth that stood all alone in the middle of the desert would have that much of an impact on others, yet it does. This was all thanks to a certain individual who brought light onto it.  With the help of the people around the world, the phone booth is now one of the most known booths ever. The popularity of the booth would not have been possible without the social interactions connected to the outside world.  Without the person who spread word of the booth, there wouldn’t be others who came to the booth to speak to the people on the receiving end.  A simple booth connected people from all around the world to each other. This shows the importance of others and how they might affect you. 

The short film “The Last Bookstore” is a perfect example of how people can affect others. Josh Spencer, the person who had created the bookstore was going through a difficult time until the creation of the bookstore. Josh is disabled from an accident, during this time he went through depression and started asking himself why he was in this world. Josh had created this bookstore as a way to help himself find a purpose. This bookstore helped him feel more content with his life because he knew that what he did affected people positively, and in a way this helped himself.  However, without knowing he had also helped the people in his community and the people all around the world. The video states that the people who shop in the store, view it as their second home.  A place where they can feel safe and hide away from the world, the book store that Josh created was an inspiring story that helped others find a home and enjoy their time in literature.

  In the film “Spirited Away” there was Chihiro, a young girl who had lost her family along the midst of a moving trip.  Once she was lost in a strange world, she depended on people to help her to find her parents again, one person she meets is Haku, he helps her reach Yubaba and from there, Chihiro helps him back by remembering his name and freeing him from his contract with Yubaba. The connection that these two characters have helped each other. Haku helped Chihiro without him knowing that this would affect him.  In return Haku was able to be freed because she remembered his name. Without either of these characters, Chihiro would have not been able to see her family, and Haku would have not been able to free himself from Yubaba.  Both of the characters did not expect to impact each other, but them sharing a special and close bond in the end helped both Haku and Chihiro reach their final destination. 

It is important to depend on others, whether you like it or not. Connections with others don’t have to be only through real life connections, they can also impact others all around the world. Maybe you might not see a benefit in helping and depending on others, but by helping them you can also help yourself.  You can help leave an impact on someone even when they don’t expect it, and they can also do the same to you.

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