Music, Cheese, and One Bad Boy

“The King of The Slides”

I was 5. Ah yes, the tender age of 5 – I was never afraid, weak, and incompetent. In fact, the world around me should have been at its knee when they were near. Who was I? I remember, that was right… 

“I’m the king”

The truth I put upon myself – I’m the king. As the king, I had to act like the king. My possession was yellow. Smooth, yet wavy. Stairs led to its mouth, where one would sit and glide into the open world. Yes, that was all mine. The Slide. Now, what kind of king would let other use his properties. None. It is my domain, I strike, spat, and trampled those unfortunate children. None never got near again – no one never got near me again.

I had no one to call my equal, destined to rule alone. My reign of power was coming to an end. My downfall was that I had let the giants that children truly resented take over me. The giants who thought they doing justice, brought me down from my slide. They threatened me. They wouldn’t dare use it right? They wouldn’t suspend me… right? I was to step down from the throne and treat everyone what they called “kindness”. Like many kings, I was furious when those lowly people tried to impose their ideal on to me. However, there was only so much I can do to resist.

My own parents, told me I must change. I flailed in desperation, but this led to my pride’s downfall, they brought me to the infamous dungeon. The shed of doom.

“____, you must pay for your crimes, spend some time rethinking your actions”

“Impossible!!! You can’t do this!!!”

“Hahahaha, too bad”

And thus,

Never did once, he claimed a slide for his own.

However, when something is put down,

Something rises.

 A New Sound

I like playing music. I continued to make music throughout my school years, it was fun. I played the flute for a while in middle school. The flute was very high pitched, sometimes it made my head spin. After some considerations, I became a euphonium player at the start freshman year for marching band. The euphonium was a fine instrument, I liked it. Although during my season, I faced sweat, tears, and hardship. Hours of honest practice after school, then transitioned into the assignments of my classes until late at night. However, by the end of the season, I had people who I can proudly call friends. I then played trombone for half of that year as a symphonic player. Much more relaxed than marching band, but I was never good at trombone. Maybe it was because I didn’t have the best equipment for it.

But sophomore year, I was a tuba player. I was the anchor of the harmony, the lowest bass sound there was. I played the rich and deep sound that set the base for the band. I think I played the tuba well, I really liked parts I had to play despite the part being one note. Because of this, I could hear the whole band come together as I don’t have to make sure that every note is hits it intended sound. After all, I only had one long note.

A Finishing Note

I like playing music. I started playing music during middle school, continuing on to high school. I played the flute for a while in middle school. The flute was very high pitched, sometimes it made my head spin. After some considerations, I became a euphonium player at the start freshman year for marching band. The euphonium was a fine instrument, I liked it. I then learned the trombone, then the tuba. My parents, however, didn’t support me being in band. They thought it hindered my full potential in academics, maybe it did. But I never stopped playing. I didn’t want to stop playing music with my pals: I just couldn’t. Music always made me happy. Thus, began my story arc of getting good grades with the time consuming instrumental class. What happened after? That is up to your interpretation. All you need to know is that I love music… and I will never ever ever ever ever… let go of the one thing keeping me from insanity.

A Cheesy Cheese

The delicious cheeses, the rich ones that have a delicate taste, always get taken first. The good cheese! People always says these cheeses are the best, they make it sound like if it was much more superior than those lowly cheese. Sometimes, I like to blend in with others, go with the flow. So, I chose to eat the rich cheese. I always ate the rich cheese ever since people starting saying it was the new trend. But, it was too rich. It is not that I didn’t like it, but there was enough diversity in the cheese spectrum. I was only eating the base of the spectrum, the heavy and creamy cheese. I felt sick, not because of the cheese, but because that I couldn’t experience the wider variety of cheese, due to my fear.

The Inner Cheese

Cheese means a lot to me. Cheese tastes delicious. Cheese has a soft feel. Cheese represents my goal. It is my happiness, my money, my love, my health, my peace of mind. The cheese I know connects to life on a universal scale. Cheese.

Not a long time ago, I was eating some cheddar cheese with some crackers – it was great. However, cheese and crackers is much more than something great. Life is a miracle, transcendent, spiritual, and esoteric. Cheese and crackers is sometimes referred to money, simply put as desires, greed, and appetites. Life and cheese and crackers are opposites, they are opposite sides of the same coin. We can separate them, but we should also know how to find the meaning of life through cheese and crackers. 

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